Hi there!

My name is Wendy Vazquez, and I’m a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle obsessed PR specialist, content creator, and branding strategist. I’m a full-time freelancer within the PR industry; I specialize in developing and building new relationships with media contacts and creative start-ups. I am also a writer, and develop unique copy and content for various businesses out there.

Aside from my providing lovely businesses with PR and writing services, I also contribute to PR Couture. I created the Daily Deskside as a source for other creatives like me who want to learn more about a nomadic lifestyle and working remotely without going crazy. I also wanted to help bridge the gap between new entrepreneurs and their PR campaigns. You don’t need to hand off your money and brand reputation. You can totally do your own PR and marketing while maintaining the lifestyle you want.

We are going to be hands-on, open minded, and have fun!

I’m all about helping you find your entrepreneurial voice, working through complicated Do It Yourself PR projects for your brand, and giving you the latest scoop on industry news. I believe that remote work is the future, and freelancing is a step into the future of employment. I also think location independence is highly possible. Why can’t you work while traveling? Technology allows us to work from anywhere in the world.

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More about me…

I studied Fashion Design, Marketing and Merchandising at the Art Institute of New York City, and received my BBA in Fashion Marketing at LIM College with a concentration in Journalism. I’m a bonafide NYC PR girl who worked her way from intern to Senior Publicist.

You can usually find me running from one meeting to another, scrolling through emails during drinks with the girls, and possibly panicking over client woes in the bathroom. But I love my crazy life!

I’m an introvert, and love catching up on trashy TV. It’s my worst trait, but I’m in too deep here people.

I’m here to share my passion, life, and experiences with you…and maybe we can have a laugh together too. :3

Need to reach me? Email me at wendy@virgopr.com or hello@wendyvazquez.com.